Because good is never enough

…we’re pushing the limits of what is possible in massive online games. We ship new content and features regularly, because our players deserve to experience a truly living, constantly evolving world.

The Living World

When we say Guild Wars 2 is a Living World, we mean it. Our mission is to fulfill the potential of the MMO by creating a game world that constantly grows and evolves. You never know what you’ll find when you log in!


Whether you're discovering sunken ruins, wandering through magnificent cities, or fighting a dragon side-by-side with complete strangers, Guild Wars 2 is designed to encourage cooperation and exploration.

Competitive Play

Easy to learn but challenging to master! In PvP, you’ll jump into quick, furious matches between small groups of players. In the massive, open warfare of World vs. World, you’ll join hundreds of other players in epic battles across four huge maps!

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